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Reccone Galactomyces Essence Peeling Pads

1. 4 in 1 All-in-One Care

   -  Toner + Essence + Exfoliation + Mask pack

2. Abundant Essence in the Pad (Galactomyces)

   -  Reccone Galactomyces, the Household Name for Fermented Yeast Nourishing

   -  It enhances skin cell metabolism, restores skin rhythm and supplies rich nutrition to the skin.

3. Care for Old Skin Cells and Skin Wastes (PHA & BHA)

    -  It complements disadvantages of AHA peeling pads, enabling the mild exfoliation with non-irritating PHA.

    - BHA is fat-soluble ingredient unlike AHA and superb in controlling blackheads or excessive sebum, helping to smooth the pores.

4. Patented Ingredient for Anti-bacteria & Anti-inflammation & Sebum Control  (Anti Sebum-P , Natural Protector)

    -  This natural complex ingredient promotes sebum secretion inhibition and pore care, and is superb in skin absorption, pore tightening, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and skin protection        * (Patent No : 10-1333676)

    -  A complex formula with 7 naturally derived ingredients helps anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation of the skin and soothes the irritated skin down. 

* (Patent No : 10-0910747)

* Benefits of Ingredients

   Galactomyces, PHA, AHA, Anti Sebum-P, Western Pear Extract

   Natural Protector, Acerola Extract, Vitamin Tree Extract, Myrciaria Dubia Fruit Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid